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    Site Rules

    Post by Velocity on Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:12 am


    1: Be respectful to other members.
    2: Treat each other fairly. ( Don't Treat member differently because there
    new to the site.)
    3: No bashing. ( Making fun of people is not cool man no matter how fun
    is at the time.)
    4: No rumors. ( Don't start something about another member that's not


    1: When you post please use proper grammer Or make sure it's
    legible (understandable) for others to read.
    2: Punctuation marks please try to place the proper punctuation
    in your post. We want every one on unlimited to be able to read and
    understande your post.

    Forums & Ranks

    1: Please make sure your topics are in the right category when you post
    your topics.
    2: Your ranks will move up as you posts but be warn they will not move
    up from short sentences.

    Acounts & Signatures

    1: Member may only have one acount any more and you will be
    suspended or banned.
    2: Signatures will be a reasonable size and have no vulgar language.

    Copyrights & Images:

    1: No linking other picture or images with permission from the images.

    2: We have the right to remove, edit or delete any post you make.

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